“The making of” Mecavit, how does a top-class screw manufacturing company work?

From "expometals.net" 09/03/2020 Author: Pepe, Sales Dep.



Carbon and stainless steel screws are Mecavit force: in the market since 1980, the Italian company has become a reference point in the fastener production industry. In today’s article, we will discover all the secrets of a successful screw manufacturer. Giuseppe Verdoliva, Mecavit Sales Director, will open the doors of the company to let us have an inside look at how Italian excellence works.

It all starts with raw material suppliers, which are carefully selected and supervised by the quality control department. Quality performance monitoring has always been the key to providing customers with the best possible products.

Material quality in itself is not enough for high-level screws. Steel must follow a precise processing chain, which includes forming, threading, heat and surface treatments, a thorough optical selection, and packaging. Although each step is extremely delicate, the most critical one is perhaps heat treatment: the Italian company processes every piece in-house thanks to a modern plant which allows overseeing the quality of the overall outcome.

A state-of-the-art finished product is of paramount importance to Mecavit: after achieving IATF 16949 certification, quality management operations have been further enhanced, resulting in a more effective production system. Perfectly consistent with its investment campaign towards Industry 4.0, the firm introduced brand-new machines which are always connected to the network and are able to fully check the finished element, so as to avoid human errors and allow the traceability of each single code.

Last but not least, the logistics step. Mecavit features three fundamental distinguishing traits: the Italian firm is a private company that does not belong to any group, it is a manufacturing-only enterprise supplying only its very products, and a factory technologically suitable for the production of standard and special screws. Therefore, logistics is not part of the company's supply. Customers, mainly European distributors, take care of packaging and shipping to the hilt.

At the end of this virtual tour of Mecavit, we asked Mr. Verdoliva for an opinion about the sector’s current state of health, severely affected by the 2019 contraction in the automotive industry that still hampers the international economy, together with the infamous coronavirus emergency.

"Despite the recent acquisition of the automotive-dedicated IATF 16949 certification, this sector is still minor for us and, to date, it accounts for less than 30% of our entire annual turnover. The drop in demand in this important industrial sector, however, has actually caused a moderate dip in orders - almost entirely offset by other custom or standard product sales".

We could not say goodbye without first talking a little about 2020 and the future"The technological investment campaign we have been undertaking in recent years will continue throughout 2020. We already planned a production plant expansion that will house a new line for raw material preparation, which will certainly make Mecavit's production more flexible and economical from Q2 2020", concludes Mr. Verdoliva.



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